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-====== ​Corbin McPherson ​======+====== ​Andrew MacWilliam ​======
 ===== Why he may be a recruit: ===== ===== Why he may be a recruit: =====
-1) Prototypical ​Sioux Oak 6'​4"​ 210 lbs+1) Sioux still could use more defensemen
-2) His own quote:+2) From AlbertaHockey.com
-He said he wants to “continue to develop, maybe get a few more points, commit somewhere for college the year after.’’The University of North Dakota, Ohio State and Colorado College rank as McPherson’s top choices. He’s grateful to the Caps for giving him the opportunity to play more competitive hockey.“I wouldn’t have any of the exposure if I stayed down here and played the same here I did the year before,​’’ McPherson said....+  * [[http://​www.albertahockey.com/story.aspx?​c=14&​id=280|Parents please with AJHL experience.]]
-3) BCHL article: +“To have the chance to go to a Boston University, a North Dakota or a Boston College, get a degree and then still get to possibly go play in the NHL, I think that’s a pretty good trade off,” he continued“We would’ve supported him no matter what he decided, but we’re very happy he decided to go to the AJHL.
- +
-BCHL Feature: [[http://​www.bchl.bc.ca/​leagues/​newsletter.cfm?​leagueID=2393&​clientID=1413&​page=20456|Corbin McPherson.]] +
- +
-USHL Rights held by Indiana Ice (USHL) note: [[Brett Bruneteau]] also plays on this team+
 ===== NHL Draft: ===== ===== NHL Draft: =====
-2007 NHL Draft #87 New Jersey +2008 NHL Draft Eligible
 ===== Current Team: ===== ===== Current Team: =====
-Cowichan Valley ​(BCHL)+Camrose ​(AJHL)
 ===== Former Team: ===== ===== Former Team: =====

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