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-**Offers:**+==== **Commitments (4) ** ====
 +C Ryan Salmonson, 6'​10",​ 220, Auburn (Cosumnes River CC), CA  Two years of eligibility remaining
 +PF Alonzo Traylor, 6'​7",​ 215, Mpls (Iowa Western JC), MN  Two years of eligibility remaining
-**Offered But Committed Elsewhere:​**+F Jaron Nash, 6'​8",​ 180, Waterloo, (Texas Tech), IA  Two years of eligibility remaining
-  +G Dustin Hobaugh, 6'4", ​195, Clear Lake (Houston Baptist), TX  Three years of eligibility remaining 
-SF Matt Van Scyoc, 6'7", ​Green Lake (Green Lake), WI  Verbal to the Citadel+ 
 **Potential Recruits:** **Potential Recruits:**
-SG Joe Burt, 6'2", ​St. Cloud (Cathedral), MN+PF A.J. Adams, 6'6", ​215, Thatcher ​(East Arizona JC)
-PG James Harrington, 6', ​170Cedar Rapids ​(Cedar RapidsIA  ​Has ​football ​offers from UND & IN St +PF Kamren Belin, 6'7"225Atlanta ​(Cowley County CCKS)  Has offers from Youngstown ​St & Stephen F. Austin
-SF CJ Newmann, 6'7", 205, St. Paul (Cretin-Derham Hall), MN  Has offers from Bowling Green, UIC & Wofford+SG Joe Burt, 6'2", St. Cloud (Cathedral), MN
 PG Ryan Benoy, 6'​1",​ Baldwin (Baldwin-Woodville),​ WI  ​ PG Ryan Benoy, 6'​1",​ Baldwin (Baldwin-Woodville),​ WI  ​
 +**Offered But Committed Elsewhere:​**
 +PG James Harrington, 6', 170, Cedar Rapids (Cedar Rapids), IA  **Will run track at Alabama**
 +SF CJ Newmann, 6'​7",​ 205, St. Paul (Cretin-Derham Hall), MN  **Verbal to Wofford**
 +SF Matt Van Scyoc, 6'​7",​ Green Lake (Green Lake), WI  **Verbal to the Citadel**
 +PG Marcus Tyus, 6'​1",​ 175, Anoka (Anoka), MN  **Verbal to UNO**

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