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-__**2015 ​Commitments ​(3):**__+__**2015 ​Signings ​(6):**__
-**SG Josh Collins, 6'4", ​180Minneapolis ​(De La Salle), MN**  Had offer from Bryant+**PF Conner Avants, 6'7", ​220Edmund ​(Deer Creek), OK**
-**SG Adam McDermott, 6'4", ​175Cedar Rapids ​(Xavier), IA**  Had offers from UNC, American & E IL+**SG Corey Baldwin, 6'3", ​190Bridgeport ​(NE OK A&M), CT**
-**PG Cortez Seales, 6'4", ​180Eldridge North Scott), IA**  ​Had offers ​from W KY, LaSalle, UNI & Drake+**F Drick Bernstine, 6'8", ​220Aurora (Cherokee Trail), CO**  ​Transfer ​from Denver ​
-**__2015 Offers ​(8):__**+**SG Josh Collins, 6'​6",​ 200, Minneapolis ​(De La Salle), MN**  Had offer from Bryant
-PG Quinton Adlesh, 6', ​185San Luis Obispo ​(Mission College Prep), CA  Has offers from Army, Harvard, Dartmouth, Cornell, ​UNC, Penn Cal Poly  +**SG Adam McDermott, 6'4"175Cedar Rapids ​(Xavier), IA**  Had offers from UNC, American ​IL
- +
-SG Gavin Block, 6'​5",​185,​ Lincoln (Lincoln), ​IL has offers from. SIU-E, SDSU, UMKC, NIU, Bucknell, Dartmouth, American and Bradley+
-PF Brady Ernst, 6'8", ​215Clinton ​(Clinton), IA  ​Has offers from UNIUSD, San Diego, Drake, B Green, Ohio, SFA, IL St, Bradley, UNC-Wil, FGCU & Lehigh ​+**PG Cortez Seales, 6'4", ​180Eldridge ​(North Scott), IA**  Had offers from W KYLaSalleUNI & Drake
-SG JT Gibson, 6'​2",​ 180, Champlin (Champlin Park), MN  Has offers from N KY, W KY, UNO, LaSalle, IL St, USD, SDSU, NDSU & UNC+__**Offered but Signed Elsewhere:​**__
-PF Colby Koontz, 6'10"220EnidOK.  Has offers from Lehigh, Santa Clara, MT St, Oral Robert, UIW, Binghamton, Brown, Albany & USD+PG Quinton Adlesh, 6', ​185San Luis Obispo (Mission College Prep)CA  **Signed with Columbia** ​
-PF Nick Pallas, 6'8", ​240San Juan Capistrano ​(Junipero Serra Catholic), CA  Has offers for Port St, CSU, TX-Arl, UC-Irvine, American & San Fran +SF Jariesse Blackmon, 6'6", ​210Layton ​(Layton), UT  **Signed with CA St-SB**
-PF Tyler Seibring, 6'8", ​225Towanda ​(Normal Community HS), IL  ​Has offers from Dartmouth, NIU, Ohio, Air Force, Bucknell, Elon, Brown & Colgate ​+SG Gavin Block, 6'5",185Lincoln ​(Lincoln), IL  ​**Signed with Ohio**
-__**Offerred but Verballed Elsewhere:**__+SF Levi Bradley, 6'​5",​ 170, Milwaukee (Pius XI), WI   **Signed with NIU**
-SF Jariesse Blackmon, 6'6", ​210Layton ​(Layton), UT  ​**Verbal to CA St-SB**+SG Deleon Brown, 6'4", ​175Grand Rapids ​(Christian), MI **Signed with Colorado** 
-SF Levi Bradley, 6'5", ​170Milwaukee ​(Pius XI), WI   **Verbal to NIU**+PG Jared Dixon, 6'2", ​155Lee's Summit ​(West), MO  ​**Signed with MO St**
-SG Deleon Brown, 6'4", ​175Grand Rapids ​(Christian), MI ** Verbal to Colorado**+PF Brady Ernst, 6'8", ​215Clinton ​(Clinton), IA  Signed with ISU 
-PF Obediah Church, 6'8", ​195Springfield ​(Springfield), IL  **Verbal to MO St** +SG JT Gibson, 6'2", ​180Champlin ​(Champlin Park), MN  **Signed with UNO**
-PG Jared Dixon, 6'2", ​155Lee's Summit ​(West), MO  **Verbal to MO St**+SG Tyler Hall, 6'3", ​175Rock Island ​(Rock Island), IL  **Signed with Montana ​St**
-SG Tyler Hall, 6'3", ​175Rock Island ​(Rock Island), IL  ​**Verbal to Montana St**+PF Colby Koontz, 6'10", ​220Enid, OK  **Signed with NW LA** 
 +C Kyle McKinley, 6'​10",​ 215, Stillwater ​(Stillwater), MN **Signed with Albany**
-C Kyle McKinley, 6'10", ​215Stillwater ​(Stillwater), MN **Verbal to Albany**+PF Nick Pallas, 6'8", ​240San Juan Capistrano ​(Junipero Serra Catholic), CA  ​**Signed with TX-Arlington** 
 +SF Nick Pete, 6'​8",​ 185, Hemet (Tahquitz), CA  **Signed with SUU**
-SF Nick Pete, 6'8", ​185Hemet (Tahquitz), CA  **Verbal to SUU**+SF Admiral Schofield, 6'5", ​220Zion (Zion-Benton), IL  **Signed with Tennessee**
-SF Admiral Schofield, 6'5", ​220Zion (Zion-Benton), IL  **Verbal to Tennessee**+PF Tyler Seibring, 6'8", ​225Towanda ​(Normal Community HS), IL  **Signed with Elon**
-SG Trevor Stumpe, 6'​5",​ Plainfield (Plainfield),​ IL  **Verbal to Wofford**+SG Trevor Stumpe, 6'​5",​ Plainfield (Plainfield),​ IL  **Signed with Wofford**
-PF Dean Wade, 6'​8",​ 215, Saint John (Saint John), KS  (3 Star - Rivals) **Verbal to KSU**+PF Dean Wade, 6'​8",​ 215, Saint John (Saint John), KS  (3 Star - Rivals) **Signed with KSU**
 __**Players of Interest**__ __**Players of Interest**__
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 SG Joe Rosga, 6'​3",​ St. Paul (Cretin-Derham Hall), MN SG Joe Rosga, 6'​3",​ St. Paul (Cretin-Derham Hall), MN
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