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-__**Commitments(5)**__+__**Singings ​(7)**__
 **PG Kanani Asuncion, 5'​11",​ Rochester (Century), MN**  **PG Kanani Asuncion, 5'​11",​ Rochester (Century), MN** 
 **SF Sydney Boike, 5'​11",​ Crookston (Crookston),​ MN** **SF Sydney Boike, 5'​11",​ Crookston (Crookston),​ MN**
 +**SF Fallyn Freije, 6', Edmore (Lakota-Edmore),​ ND**  Had offers from NDSU, SDSU, USD, MSU & KSU
 **C Olivia Hass, 6'​3",​ St. Peter (St. Peter), MN**  **C Olivia Hass, 6'​3",​ St. Peter (St. Peter), MN** 
-**Lexi Klabo, 6'​2",​ Fargo (Davies), ND**+**PF Lexi Klabo, 6'​2",​ Fargo (Davies), ND**  Had offer from NDSU
 **G Jill Morton, 5'​10",​ Edina (Edina), MN** **G Jill Morton, 5'​10",​ Edina (Edina), MN**
 +**C Stephanie Smith, 6'​6",​ Mountain View (Central WY College), WY**  Two years of eligibility ​
 __**Players of Interest**__ __**Players of Interest**__
-F Fallyn Freije, 6', Edmore (Lakota-Edmore),​ ND 
-F Hannah Stewart, 6'​2",​ Minot (Ryan), ND+F Hannah Stewart, 6'​2",​ Minot (Ryan), ND **Verbal to IA** 
 +Last Update: 4/15/15

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