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-__**COMMITMENTS ​(1)**__+__**SIGNINGS ​(4)**__ 
 +**SG Brady Danielson, 6'​4",​ 175, York (York), NE  Had DII offers** ​
 **SF De'​Sean Allen-Eikens,​ 6'​6",​ 210, Williston (Aspire BB Academy), ND** (3 Star - 247) Had 20+ offers **SF De'​Sean Allen-Eikens,​ 6'​6",​ 210, Williston (Aspire BB Academy), ND** (3 Star - 247) Had 20+ offers
-__**OFFERS (11)**__+**SF Gertautas Urbonavicius,​ 6'​7",​ 215, Lithuania, (Cardinal Biggons - Ft. Lauderdate)** ​  
 +**G Carlos Ramsey, 6'​4",​ Milwaukee (Arizona Compass), WI**  Had offers from UW-Milwaukee,​ Coastal Carolina, Bradley & Grambling 
 +__**OFFERS (5)**__
 PF Tim Adetukasi, 6'​6",​ 220, UK (Greenwood Christian Academy, IN)  PF Tim Adetukasi, 6'​6",​ 220, UK (Greenwood Christian Academy, IN) 
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 PF Luka Barisic, 6'​9",​ Croatia (Highland CC, IL) Has offers from NIU, Montana, SIU, UIC, WMU, WIU, Jacksonville St, UTSA, SF Austin & UNC-Ashville. ​ PF Luka Barisic, 6'​9",​ Croatia (Highland CC, IL) Has offers from NIU, Montana, SIU, UIC, WMU, WIU, Jacksonville St, UTSA, SF Austin & UNC-Ashville. ​
-SG Nicolas Elame6'3", ​185France ​(Villa Vista PrepAZ)  Has offers from SUU, UC-Riverside,​ UTEP, Fresno St UC-SB+PG Semaj Henderson5'11", ​150Downers Grove (North)IL  Has offers from NIU WIU 
-C/PF Jermaine Hamlin, 6'10", ​225, Lincoln ​(Community), IL  Has offers from EIU Purdue Fort Wayne+SG Jiovanni Miles, 6'3", ​Novi (Novi), MI  Has offers from CMU Detroit
-PG Semaj Henderson, 5'11", ​150, Downers Grove (North), IL  Has offers from NIU & WIU +PG Andre White, 5'9", ​Elgin (Harvest Christian), IL  Has offers from NIU, Chicago St Southern ​
-SF Trey Hutcheson, 6'​6",​ Marion (Linn-Mar), IA  Has offers from Air Force & Albany+__**PLAYERS OFFERRED BUT VERBALLED ELSEWHERE**__
-SG Jiovanni Miles, 6'3", ​Novi (Novi), MI  Has offers from CMU & Detroit+SF Jameson Battle, 6'7", ​Mpls (DeLaSalle), MN  **Signed with George Washington**
-PG Chris Roberts, 6', ​Chicago ​(Lincoln Park), IL  Has offer from UIC+PF Betz, 6'7"210, Garner ​(Garner-Hayfield), IA  **Signed with UNI** 
-PF David Skogman6'​10", ​200Waukesha ​(West), WI  Has 10+ offers ​+G Jovan BlacksherJr., 5'​10", ​165Phoenix ​(Shadow Mountain), CO  (3 Star - 247)  **Signed with Grand Canyon** ​
-C Emmanuel Ugboh7', 245, Lagos (Iowa Western CC), Nigeria ​ Has offers from Rutgers, Ole Miss, Kent ST, MO St & ETSU +SF Courtney BrownJr.6'6", ​190, Cottage Grove (East Ridge), MN  **Signed with UW-Mil**
-  +
-PG Andre White5'9", ​Elgin (Harvest Christian), IL  Has offers from NIU, Chicago St & Southern ​+
-__**PLAYERS OFFERRED BUT VERBALLED ELSEWHERE**__+PF Noah Carter, 6'​5",​ 225, Dubuque (Dubuque), IA  ​**Signed with UNI**
-SF Jameson Battle, 6'7", ​Mpls (DeLaSalle), MN  **Verbal to George Washington**+PG Desi Carton, 6'2", ​180, Davenport ​(Bettendorf), IA  (4 Star - 247) **Signed with OH St**
-PF Betz, 6'7", ​210Garner ​(Garner-Hayfield), IA  **Verbal to UNI** +C Owen Coburn, 6'11", ​200Hartley ​(Hartley Melvin Sanborn), IA  **Signed with SDSU**
-G Jovan BlacksherJr., 5'10", ​165Phoenix ​(Shadow Mountain)CO  (3 Star - 247)  **Verbal to Grand Canyon** +SG Nicolas Elame6'3", ​185France ​(Villa Vista PrepAZ)  **Signed with UT-Arlington**
-SF Courtney Brown, Jr., 6'6", ​190Cottage Grove (East Ridge), MN  **Verbal to UW-Mil**+PG Evan Gauger, 6'2", ​ 160Indianola ​(Indianola), IA  **Signed with UNI**
-PF Noah Carter, 6'5", ​225Dubuque ​(Dubuque), IA  **Verbal to UNI**+SF Riley Grigsby, 6'6", ​210San Jose (Archbishop Mitty), CA  **Signed with Seattle**
-PG Desi Carton, 6'2", ​180Davenport ​(Bettendorf), IA  ​(4 Star - 247) **Verbal to OH St**+SG Cole Henry, 6'5", ​190Oskaloosa ​(Oskaloosa), IA  **Signed with UNI** 
-C Owen Coburn, 6'11", ​200, Hartley ​(Hartley Melvin Sanborn), IA  **Verbal to SDSU**+SF Trey Hutcheson, 6'6", ​Marion ​(Linn-Mar), IA  **Signed with Albany**
-PG Evan Gauger, 6'2", ​ 160, Indianola ​(Indianola), IA  **Verbal to UNI**+C Robert Jones, 6'9", ​Prior Lake (Prior Lake), MN  **Signed with Denver**
-SF Riley Grigsby, 6'​6", ​210San Jose (Archbishop Mitty), CA  **Verbal to Seattle**+PF Derek Krogmann, 6'​6", ​195Manchester ​(West Delaware), IA  **Signed with UNI**
-SG Cole Henry6'5", ​190Oskaloosa ​(Oskaloosa), IA  **Verbal to UNI** +PG Tyreke Locure, 5'10", ​170Des Moines ​(North), IA  **Signed with S Alabama**
-C Robert Jones, 6'9", ​Prior Lake (Prior Lake), MN  **Verbal to Denver**+SG Donavan Moore, 6'3", ​155, Hillsboro ​(West Bloomfield), IL  **Signed with Toledo**
-PF Derek Krogmann, 6'6", ​195Manchester ​(West Delaware), IA  **Verbal to UNI**+SG Brandon Newman, 6'3", ​175Valparaiso ​(Valparaiso),  ​IN ​ **Signed with Purdue**
-PG Tyreke Locure5'​10", ​170Des Moines ​(North), IA  ​**Verbal to S Alabama**+C Ethan Richardson6'​10", ​245Madera ​(Fresno City CC), CA  ​**Verbal to West Virginia**
-SG Donavan Moore, 6'3"155, Hillsboro ​(West Bloomfield), IL  **Verbal to Toledo**+PG Chris Roberts, 6', ​Chicago ​(Lincoln Park), IL  **Signed with Gannon**
-SG Brandon Newman, 6'3", ​175Valparaiso ​(Valparaiso),  ​IN ​ **Verbal to Purdue**+SF David Roddy, 6'4", ​250Mpls (Breck), MN  **Signed with CSU**
-SF David Roddy, 6'4", ​250Mpls (Breck), MN  Will play at CSU, UM or Northwestern+PF David Skogman, 6'10", ​200Waukesha ​(West), WI  (3 Star - 247)  **Signed with Buffalo**
-PG Tyrell Terry, 6'​1",​ 170, Mpls (DeLaSalle),​ MN  (3 Star - 247)  **Verbal to Stanford**+PG Tyrell Terry, 6'​1",​ 170, Mpls (DeLaSalle),​ MN  (3 Star - 247)  **Signed with Stanford**
-SG Ryan Wade6'1"165Ann Arbor (Skyline), MI  **Verbal to Holy Cross** +C Emmanuel Ugboh7', ​245Lagos (Iowa Western CC), Nigeria ​ **Signed with Tulsa**
-SF Tyler Wahl, 6'6", ​Lakeville ​(North), MN  **Verbal to UW**+SG Ryan Wade, 6'1", ​165, Ann Arbor (Skyline), MI  **Signed with Holy Cross** 
-PF Doug Wilson, 6'7", ​210, Des Moines ​(Kirkwood CC), IA  **Verbal to SDSU**+SF Tyler Wahl, 6'6", ​Lakeville ​(North), MN  **Signed with UW**
-SG Mylik Wilson, 6'​2",​ 150, Rayville (Rayville), LA (3 Star - 247)  ​Verbal to LA+PF Doug Wilson, 6'​7",​ 210, Des Moines (Kirkwood CC), IA  **Signed with SDSU** 
 +SG Mylik Wilson, 6'​2",​ 150, Rayville (Rayville), LA (3 Star - 247)  ​**Signed with LA**
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 PG Brandon Adelman, 6'​3",​ 175, New London (New London-Spicer),​ MN PG Brandon Adelman, 6'​3",​ 175, New London (New London-Spicer),​ MN
-**Last Updated: ​11/2/18**+SF Maleeck Harden, 6'5, Moorhead (Moorhead), MN  Has offers from SDSU & SDSU 
 +**Last Updated: ​8/9/19**

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