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-PROSPECTS+__**OFFERS (5)**__ 
 +F Keziah Buggs, 5'​11",​ Auburn Hills (Avondale), MI  
 +C Chloe Dallas, 6'​2",​ Wauwatosa (East), WI 
 +C Kayla Gray, 6'​2",​ Wayne (Memorial), MI 
 +PG Aaliyah Nye, 5'​9",​ East Lansing (East Lansing), MI  Has numerous offers including Marquette  
 +F Jurjei Weems, 6'​1",​ Minneapolis (DeLaSalle),​ MN 
 C Lauren Ware, 6’4”, Bismarck (Century), ND C Lauren Ware, 6’4”, Bismarck (Century), ND
 +**Last Updated: 6/1/19**

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