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 __**2022-2023 MEN'S BB RECRUITING**__ __**2022-2023 MEN'S BB RECRUITING**__
 +//​__**OFFERS (2)**__//
 +SG Isaac Bruns, 6'​4",​ 180, Dakota Valley (Jefferson),​ SD
 +  ​
 +G Drew Kingery, 6'​4",​ 185, Indianola (Indianola),​ IA
 //​__**PROSPECTS**__//​ //​__**PROSPECTS**__//​
-PG Taison Chatman, 6'​3",​ Fridley (Totino-Grace),​ MN+F Matthew Bothun, 6'​8",​ 170, St. Francis (St. Francis), MN 
 +PG Taison Chatman, 6'​3",​ Fridley (Totino-Grace),​ MN  Has offers from UM, IA, Marquette, Louisville & Nebraska 
 +PG Hunter Duncan, 6'​2",​ Arlington Heights (Saint Victor), IL
 C/PF Adam Jenkins, 6'​8",​ 190, Moorhead (Moorhead), MN C/PF Adam Jenkins, 6'​8",​ 190, Moorhead (Moorhead), MN
 +PG Brayson Lauge, 6'​2",​ Marion (Marion), IA
 SG Alex Mattes, 6'​2',​ Woodbury (East Ridge), MN  Has offer from TCU SG Alex Mattes, 6'​2',​ Woodbury (East Ridge), MN  Has offer from TCU
-F CJ O'​Hara,​ 6'​4",​ Fridley (Totino-Grace),​ MN+PG Braden McGlothlin, 6'​2',​ Waukesha (Catholic Memorial), WI 
 +F CJ O'​Hara,​ 6'​4",​ Fridley (Totino-Grace), MN  Has offers from Siena & Cal-Poly 
 +PF Lincoln Palbicki, 6'​10",​ 235, Maple Grove (Maple Grove), MN
 PG Max Shikenjanski,​ 6'​3",​ Stillwater (Stillwater),​ MN PG Max Shikenjanski,​ 6'​3",​ Stillwater (Stillwater),​ MN
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-**Last Update:  ​6/16/21**+**Last Update:  ​12/27/21**

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