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 __**2023-2024 RECRUITING**__ __**2023-2024 RECRUITING**__
-__**OFFERS (1)**__+__**OFFERS (11)**__ 
 +G Myana Cooksey, 5'​8",​ Detroit (Edison), MI  Has offers from UNO & Howard 
 +F Jaidyn Dunn, 6'1, Sioux Falls (Roosevelt),​ SD  Has offer from UNO 
 PG Devin Hagemann, 5'​6",​ Detroit (Edison), MI PG Devin Hagemann, 5'​6",​ Detroit (Edison), MI
 +F Alie Bisballe, 6'​3",​ Houghton Lake, MI  Has offer from WMU
 +PF MacKenzie Bisballe, Lake City, MI   
 +PG Tori Oehrlein, Crosby (Crosby-Ironton),​ MN  Has offers from MT St & Marquette ​
 F McKenzie Swanson, 6'​3",​ Rochester (Marion), MI  Has offer from Detroit Mercy F McKenzie Swanson, 6'​3",​ Rochester (Marion), MI  Has offer from Detroit Mercy
 +SG Ally Timm, 5'​9",​ Milwaukee (Divine Savior Holy Angel - DSHA), ​ WI   Has offer from St. Thomas
 +F Gabby Wilke, 6'​1",​ Beaver Dam (Beaver Dam), WI  Has offers from UW-Green Bay, UW-Milwaukee & IUPUI
 +C Alyssa Worth, 6'​5",​ Altoona (Altoona), WI  Has offers from IUPUI & Youngstown St 
 +SG Jordan Zubich, 5'​11",​ Mountain Iron (Mountain Iron-Buhl), MN   Has offer from St. Thomas
-**Last Updated: ​10/30/20**+**Last Updated: ​12/9/21**

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