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 |**Coach**| |**Year**|**Base Salary**| |**Notes**| |**Coach**| |**Year**|**Base Salary**| |**Notes**|
 |Chris Mussman| |2012|$114,​612| |Chris Mussman| |2012|$114,​612|
-|Chris Mussman| |2013|$117,000+|Chris Mussman| |2013|$117,112
-|Chris Mussman| |2014-15|N/​A|Contract terminated with two years remaining|+|Chris Mussman| |2014-15|N/​A|Contract terminated with two years remaining.  $175,000 buyout| 
 +|Bubba Schweigert| |2014|$150,​000| 
 +|Bubba Schweigert| |2015|$157,​500| 
 +|Bubba Schweigert| |2016|$165,​000| |Contract extended through 2021 season| 
 +|Bubba Schweigert| |2017|$185,​000| 
 +|Bubba Schweigert| |2018|$195,​000| 
 +|Bubba Schweigert| |2019|$205,​000| |Earned bonuses totaling $8,500| 
 +|Bubba Schweigert| |2020|$215,​000| 
 +|Bubba Schweigert| |2021|$225,​000| 

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