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 ====== Derek Lee ====== ====== Derek Lee ======
-A decision is expected later this year.  ​Chances are if Derek were to come to UND he would be an 09 The link below suggests he enjoyed his Wisconsin visit, but I can't think of a school and style that would be worse for a small forwardStyle wise, Michigan and North Dakota play a far more up tempo and creative game.+A decision is expected later this year.  UND is no longer being considered...
-Possibilities include:+  * Wisconsin  
 +  * Boston University 
 +  * Michigan 
 +  * New Hampshire
-UND - Brady Murray and the Zajacs played at Salmon Arm 
-Wisconsin - Has Ben Street from Salmon Arm 
-Boston University - Wild Card 
-Michigan - Has Ben Winnett from Salmon Arm 
-===== Why he may be a recruit: ===== 
-1) A small, fast, dynamic scorer who plays for Salmon Arm in the BCHL. 
-2) Based on the style of play and Ryan Duncan'​s success, UND would be a good fit.  UND has a strong history with small forwards in the last decade. ​ (Duncan, Spirko, Panzers, Hoogsteins). 
-3) Though UND has lost some recruiting battles lately (Street, Winnett, Nash) many Silverbacks have gone on to play at UND. 
-===== NHL Draft: ===== 
-Not yet eligible. 
-===== Current Team: ===== 
-Salmon Arm (BCHL) 

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