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 === Links: === === Links: ===
 +Grand Forks Herald: [[http://​www.grandforksherald.com/​articles/​index.cfm?​id=52760|LaPoint Continues to Prove Himself.]]
 +University of North Dakota Hockey: [[http://​www.areavoices.com/​undhockey/​index.cfm?​blog=10904|Q & A with Derrick LaPoint.]]
 +Fighting Sioux.com: [[http://​www.fightingsioux.com/​ViewArticle.dbml?​SPSID=58685&​SPID=6405&​DB_OEM_ID=13500&​ATCLID=1211728&​Q_SEASON=2007|Player Profile.]]
 ==== Hockey Career after UND ==== ==== Hockey Career after UND ====

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