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I would recommend going in and just hitting edit page to see how the formatting works. I started editing wikis by initially cutting and pasting, and then modifying that data.

In general, I have run into problems when using the H1 header, so you might want to avoid that.

Anytime you want to link to another page use the internal link key (looks like a chain link). You can link to a page that does not yet exist and the link will be red. You can then follow that link and create that page.



It would be real nice if formats for players and teams would be somewhat consistent. For Example for all players have sections on hockey before UND, Hockey at UND, Hockey after UND, Family connections at UND, Other interesting information.

By setting up player pages, different articles can link to the same player pages. For Example Jonathon Toews might be linked to from a 2006-2007 Fighting Sioux Page, A Former Players Page, A World Juniors Page, a Youngest Players at UND Page, and a David Toews Page.

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