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   * [[Steve Johnson]] and [[Chad Johnson]]   * [[Steve Johnson]] and [[Chad Johnson]]
   * [[Matt Jones]] and [[Zach Jones]]   * [[Matt Jones]] and [[Zach Jones]]
-  * [[Philippe Lamoureux|Jean Phillipe Lamoureux]] ​and [[Mario Lamoureux]]+  * [[Philippe Lamoureux|Jean Phillipe Lamoureux]][[Mario Lamoureux]], Monique Lamoureux, and Jocelyne Lamoureux. Of note, brother Pierre Paul Lamoureux is student assistant to the men's team.
   * [[Brian Lundbohm]] and [[David Lundbohm]]   * [[Brian Lundbohm]] and [[David Lundbohm]]
   * [[Scott Marvin]] and [[Conway Marvin]]   * [[Scott Marvin]] and [[Conway Marvin]]
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   * [[Zach Parise]] and [[Jordan Parise]]   * [[Zach Parise]] and [[Jordan Parise]]
   * [[Chris Porter]] and ([[Jenny Porter]])   * [[Chris Porter]] and ([[Jenny Porter]])
-  * Sullivan (Dennis ​William) +  * [[Dennis ​Sullivan]] and [[William ​Sullivan]] 
-  * [i]Toews (Jonathan ​& David)[/i+  * [[Jonathan ​Toews]] and [[David Toews]
-  * Ulmer (Jeff Jason) +  * [[Jeff Ulmer]] and [[Jason Ulmer]] 
-  * White (Don "​Blacky" ​Don "​Whitey"​) +  * [[Blacky ​White|Don "​Blacky" ​White]] and [[Whitey White|Don "​Whitey" ​White]] 
-  * Zajac (Travis ​Darcy)+  * [[Travis ​Zajac]] and [[Darcy Zajac]]
 ===== Father & Son: ===== ===== Father & Son: =====
 +[[Philippe Lamoureux|Jean Phillipe Lamoureux]],​ [[Mario Lamoureux]],​ Monique Lamoureux, and Jocelyne Lamoureux with their father Pierre Lamoureux
 ===== Other Family Relationships:​ ===== ===== Other Family Relationships:​ =====
 +Brett and Dennis (Great Uncle) Hextall ​

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