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 |Oct. 5|*|@ Idaho St.|Pocatello,​ ID|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes| |Oct. 5|*|@ Idaho St.|Pocatello,​ ID|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes|
 |Oct. 12|*|Eastern Washington|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes| |Oct. 12|*|Eastern Washington|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes|
-|Oct. 19|*|@ Portland ​St.|PortlandOR|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes| +|Oct. 19|*|Sacramento ​St.|Grand ForksND|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes| 
-|Oct. 25|*|Sacramento ​St.|Grand ForksND|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes|+|Oct. 25|*|@ Portland ​St.|PortlandOR|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes|
 |Nov. 2|*|@ Northern Arizona|Flagstaff,​ AZ|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes| |Nov. 2|*|@ Northern Arizona|Flagstaff,​ AZ|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes|
 |Nov. 9|*|Northern Colorado|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes| |Nov. 9|*|Northern Colorado|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|Yes|Yes|Yes|

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