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-====Tentative ​2018 North Dakota Football Schedule====+====Official ​2018 North Dakota Football Schedule====
 |**Date**| |**Opponent**|**Location**|**Time**|**Opponent Confirmed**|**Locale Confirmed**|**Date Confirmed**| |**Date**| |**Opponent**|**Location**|**Time**|**Opponent Confirmed**|**Locale Confirmed**|**Date Confirmed**|
-|Aug. 30| |Mississippi Valley State|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|no|no|no+|AUG. 30| |MISSISSIPPI VALLEY ST.|GRAND FORKS, ND|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Sept. 8 | |@ Washington|Seattle, WA|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|SEPT. 8 | |@ WASHINGTON|SEATTLE, WA|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Sept. 15| |Sam Houston St.|Huntsville, TX|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|SEPT. 15| |@SAM HOUSTON ST.|HUNTSVILLE, TX|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Sept. 22|*|Idaho St.|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|no|no|no+|SEPT. 22| |IDAHO ST.|GRAND FORKS, ND|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Sept. 29|*|@ Northern Colorado|Greeley, CO|TBA|no|no|no|+|SEPT. 29| |@ NORTHERN COLORADO|GREELEY, CO|TBA|YES|YES|YES|
 |Oct. 6| |TBA|TBA|TBA|no|no|no| |Oct. 6| |TBA|TBA|TBA|no|no|no|
-|Oct. 13|*|Montana|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|OCT. 13| |MONTANA|GRAND FORKS, ND|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Oct. 20|*|@ Sacramento St.|Sacramento, CA|TBA|no|no|no+|OCT. 20| |@ SACRAMENTO ST.|SACRAMENTO, CA|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Oct. 27|*|Weber St.|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|OCT. 27| |WEBER ST.|GRAND FORKS, ND|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|<​del>​Nov. 3</​del>​|<​del>​*</​del>​|<del>Montana St.</​del>​|<​del>​Bozeman,​ MT</​del>​|<​del>​TBA</​del>​|<​del>​no</​del>​|<​del>​no</​del>​|<​del>​no</​del>​| +|NOV. 3| |@ IDAHO|MOSCOW, ID|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Nov. 3| |@ Idaho|Moscow, ID|TBA|no|no|no+|NOV. 10| |PORTLAND ST.|GRAND FORKS, ND|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Nov. 10|*|Portland St.|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|no|no|no+|NOV. 17| |@ NORTHERN ARIZONA|FLAGSTAFF, AZ|TBA|YES|YES|YES|
-|Nov. 17|*|@ Northern Arizona|Flagstaff, AZ|TBA|no|no|no|+
-* - Big Sky Conference games were originally scheduled in 2011.  Games were cancelled upon the admission of University of Idaho to the conference. ​ A new league schedule will be set at a future date.+ 

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