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 ====Tentative 2019 North Dakota Football Schedule==== ====Tentative 2019 North Dakota Football Schedule====
 |**Date**| |**Opponent**|**Location**|**Time**|**Opponent Confirmed**|**Locale Confirmed**|**Date Confirmed**| |**Date**| |**Opponent**|**Location**|**Time**|**Opponent Confirmed**|**Locale Confirmed**|**Date Confirmed**|
-|Sept. 7| |@ North Dakota St.|Fargo, ND|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|SEPT. 7| |@ NORTH DAKOTA ST.|FARGO, ND|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Sept. 14| |TBA|TBA|TBA|no|no|no|+|Sept. 14| |SAM HOUSTON ST.|GRAND FORKS, ND|TBA|YES|YES|YES|
 |Sept. 21| |TBA|TBA|TBA|no|no|no| |Sept. 21| |TBA|TBA|TBA|no|no|no|
-|Sept. 28|*|@ Eastern Washington|Cheney,​ WA|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|Sept. 28|*|@ Eastern Washington|Cheney,​ WA|TBA|no|no|no
-|Oct. 5|*|UC ​Davis|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|OCT. 5|*|UC ​DAVIS|GRAND FORKS, ND|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Oct. 12|*|@ Idaho St.|Pocatello,​ ID|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|Oct. 12|*|@ Idaho St.|Pocatello,​ ID|TBA|no|no|no
-|Oct. 19|*|@ Cal Poly|San Luis Obispo, CA|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|Oct. 19|*|@ Cal Poly|San Luis Obispo, CA|TBA|no|no|no
-|Oct. 26|*|Montana St.|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|yes|yes|yes|+|OCT. 26|*|MONTANA ST.|GRAND FORKS, ND|TBA|YES|YES|YES|
 |Nov. 2| |TBA|TBA|TBA|no|no|no| |Nov. 2| |TBA|TBA|TBA|no|no|no|
-|Nov. 9|*|@ Weber St.|Ogden, UT|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|NOV. 9|*|@ WEBER ST.|OGDEN, UT|TBA|YES|YES|YES
-|Nov. 16|*|Northern Colorado|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|Nov. 16|*|Northern Colorado|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|no|no|no
-|Nov. 23|*|Southern Utah|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|yes|yes|yes|+|Nov. 23|*|Southern Utah|Grand Forks, ND|TBA|no|no|no|
-* - Big Sky Conference ​game+* - * - Big Sky opponents scheduled in 2014.  These games may be affected by reorganizing the schedule due to the addition of Idaho as a member of the Big Sky Conference.

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