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 ====Tentative 2024 North Dakota Football Schedule==== ====Tentative 2024 North Dakota Football Schedule====
-|**Date**| |**Opponent**|**Location**|**Time**|**Opponent Confirmed**|**Locale Confirmed**|**Date Confirmed**| +|**Date**| |**Opponent**|**Location**|**Terms**| 
-|August ​31| |Iowa State|Ames, IA|TBA|yes|yes|yes+|Aug. 31| |Iowa State|Ames, IA|$550,000| 
-|Sept. 27| |Montana|Grand Forks, ND |TBA|yes|yes|yes+|Sept. 14|Idaho St.|Grand Forks, ND|Home-and-Home
-|TBA| |North Dakota St.|TBA|TBA|yes|no|no+|Sept. 27| |Montana|Grand Forks, ND|Home-and-Home
-|TBA| |South Dakota St.|TBA|TBA|yes|no|no+|TBA| |North Dakota St.|Fargo, ND|MVFC
-|TBA| |South Dakota|TBA|TBA|yes|no|no|+|TBA| |South Dakota St.|Grand Forks, ND|MVFC
 +|TBA| |South Dakota|Grand Forks, ND|MVFC|

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