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 |1st|16:​28|Manitoba|Nick Cowan| | |2-1| |1st|16:​28|Manitoba|Nick Cowan| | |2-1|
 |2nd|10:​32|Manitoba|Nolan Walker|Nick Cowan|David McDonald|2-2| |2nd|10:​32|Manitoba|Nolan Walker|Nick Cowan|David McDonald|2-2|
-|2nd|15:50|Manitoba|Jonathan Toews (PP)|Ryan Duncan|Brian Lee|3-2|+|2nd|15:50|North Dakota|Jonathan Toews (PP)|Ryan Duncan|Brian Lee|3-2|
 |3rd|08:​27|North Dakota|Taylor Chorney (PP)|Brian Lee|T.J. Oshie|4-2| |3rd|08:​27|North Dakota|Taylor Chorney (PP)|Brian Lee|T.J. Oshie|4-2|
 |3rd|11:​30|North Dakota|Ryan Duncan (PP)| | |5-2| |3rd|11:​30|North Dakota|Ryan Duncan (PP)| | |5-2|

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