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-====== ​Joe Gleason ​======+====== ​Mario Lamoureux ​======
 |Expected to join the Sioux|2008| |Expected to join the Sioux|2008|
 |Position|RW| |Position|RW|
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 === High School: === === High School: ===
-Graduated from Grand Forks ??? High School.+Graduated from Grand Forks Central ​High School.
 Played on the US U-17 National Team. Played on the US U-17 National Team.
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 ==== Personal ==== ==== Personal ====
 Younger brother of Fighting Sioux Goaltender [[Philippe Lamoureux]]. Younger brother of Fighting Sioux Goaltender [[Philippe Lamoureux]].
-Son of former Fighting Sioux Goaltender[[Pierre Lamoureux]].+ 
 +Son of former Fighting Sioux Goaltender [[Pierre Lamoureux]].

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