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 |**Coach**| |**Season**|**Base Salary**| |**Notes**| |**Coach**| |**Season**|**Base Salary**| |**Notes**|
-|Brian Jones| |2012-13|$86,​344| |Contract Extension signed through ​2016-17 season| +|Brian Jones| |2012-13|$86,​000| |Contract Extension signed through ​2014-15 season| 
-|Brian Jones| |2013-14|$88,​344+|Brian Jones| |2013-14|$88,​000| 
-|Brian Jones| |2015-16|$99,273|+|Brian Jones| |2014-15|$90,​000| |Contract Option exercised by UND through 2016-17 season
 +|Brian Jones| |2015-16|$100,000|
 |Brian Jones| |2016-17|$109,​273| |Contract Extension signed through 2020-21 season| |Brian Jones| |2016-17|$109,​273| |Contract Extension signed through 2020-21 season|
 |Brian Jones| |2017-18|$140,​000| |Brian Jones| |2017-18|$140,​000|

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