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-__**Commitments ​(4)**__+__**LOI Signings(4)**__
 M Faith Dooley, 6'​3",​ Casselton (Central Cass), ND M Faith Dooley, 6'​3",​ Casselton (Central Cass), ND
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 S Sydney Griffin, 5'​11",​ Marshall (Marshall) MN  S Sydney Griffin, 5'​11",​ Marshall (Marshall) MN 
 +DS Skylar Hildebrand, 5'​5",​ Homewood (Homewood-Flossmoor),​ IL
 +M/OH Julia Kaczorowski,​ 6', Toronto (Lakeview VB Club), Can
 OH Mandy Kurosky, 6', Duluth (East), MN OH Mandy Kurosky, 6', Duluth (East), MN
 +M Magda Zietek, 6'​1",​ Elbag (Prairie View A&M), Poland ​ One year of eligibility remains

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