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-__**Signings(4)**__+====== ​__**Signings (8)**__ ======
-MB Alivia Fraase, 6', ​Fargo (Shanley), ND+**OH Grace Bettenga, 6', ​Edina (Edina), MN**
-S Sidney Mattson, 5'10", ​Grand Rapids ​(Grand Rapids), MN+**L Ashley Dominguez, 5'5", ​San Antonio ​(Churchill), TX**
-OH Courtney Place, 6'2"Okabena ​(Lake Heron-Okabena), MN+**OH Alivia Fraase, 6', ​Fargo (Shanley), ND**
-MB Julia Spacek6'2", ​Wayzata ​(Orono), MN+**OH/OPP Amanda Harnett5'9", ​Burlington ​(Nelson), ON**
 +**S Sidney Mattson, 5'​10",​ Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids), MN**
 +**OH Courtney Place, 6'​2",​ Okabena (Lake Heron-Okabena),​ MN**
 +**MB Julia Spacek, 6'​2",​ Wayzata (Orono), MN**
 +**OH/DS Megan Sprengeler, 5'​11",​ Walford (Cedar Rapids Prairie), IA**
 __**Offered by Signed Elsewhere**__ __**Offered by Signed Elsewhere**__

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