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Q: Why doesn't my link from the Sioux Recruiting Page to the Future Sioux Players Page work?

A: JD – Different names. I won't fix it so you can see for yourself. If you hover over the link on the front page, or view the source, the sioux hockey players page is named something like future_sioux_hockey, whereas your link is to future_sioux_hockey_players.

Q: Short of looking at the link indicated in a browser, is there a way to see what a page is named? For example when you hit edit on a given page.

A: JD – The easiest is to look at an existing link to a page by viewing the source of the page that contains the link; the link will have the correct name that you need to use in another link. Also in the browser, it's in the browser bar. For example, this page is /doku.php/wiki_q_a, indicating a name of wiki_q_a. Not in the browser, but in the page, it's at the bottom of the page, this one is wiki_q_a.txt (drop the txt).

Q: On this page someone said “In general, I have run into problems when using the H1 header, so you might want to avoid that.” I'll look into that, though I notice this page uses it, as do quite a few of the others. I know a few styles aren't rendering quite right (table headers, bold) and will take a stab at updating the stylesheet, so please let me know of anything that isn't working.

A: JD – Table header text is black, bold doesn't seem to work

Q: Is the wiki itself an adequate medium in which to have discussions like this, or should we really be moving it over to the forums?

A1: Do we want a Wiki section on or would we just do this under admin? I would be fine either way as long as a few experienced eyes would see it. -siouxnami

A: JD – I think perhaps make a “Wiki discussion” forum under the forum. That way the posts get the attention of being in the message board, plus the message board is made for discussions like this. Meanwhile, we should also continue to recruit in the regular board by referring to the resources here as appropriate (e.g. in a thread about who has signed, etc…).

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