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 |Played for Sioux|2002-2004| |Played for Sioux|2002-2004|
 |Position|C| |Position|C|
-|Hometown|Minneapolis, MN| +|Hometown|Faribault, MN| 
-|Current Team|New Jersey Devils|+|Current Team|Minnesota Wild|
 |Height|5’11| |Height|5’11|
 |Weight|185| |Weight|185|
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 |'​02-'​03|39|26|35|61|34| |'​02-'​03|39|26|35|61|34|
 |'​03-'​04|37|23|32|55|24| |'​03-'​04|37|23|32|55|24|
 +Played for Team USA at the World Juniors Hockey Championship in 2002/03 and 2003/​04. ​ In 2003/04, Team USA won the gold medal and Parise was named the tournament MVP.
 +Photo from [[http://​usahockeymagazine.com/​story.php?​left_nav=0405&​article=zachAttack&​right_nav=normal|USA Hockey]]
 ==== Hockey Career after UND ==== ==== Hockey Career after UND ====
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 ==== Personal ==== ==== Personal ====
 +Younger brother of former Sioux [[Jordan Parise]].

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